(Williams begins his plea for a pardon at the 3:20 mark)

A former Caddo Commissioner wants a pardon from the President and Governor...and he wants the Caddo Commission to help. Michael Williams, who spent 14 months in prison for illegally using a non-profit's debit card, says he deserves a pardon since his crime was victimless.

Williams was indicted on 12 counts of federal wire fraud back in March of 2015 and was convicted on 11 of those charges. Williams took $8,500 from accounts belonging to SWAG Nation, a non-profit for at risk youth. He also used his position on the Commission to get additional funding for SWAG Nation. He was ultimately sentenced to 14 months in prison and to pay the money back.

Yesterday, Williams appeared before the Caddo Commission asking them to send a resolution for a full pardon to Donald Trump and Governor John Bel Edwards. Williams' argument was that a Federal Appeals court ruled that his crime was victimless. While the court did overturn making Williams pay back restitution, they did not overturn his felony conviction.

It should also be noted that a Louisiana Governor can only pardon prisoners convicted in state courts.

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