Former Public Works Director Mike Wood has filed suit against the City of Shreveport.
In the suit, Wood claims he is owed back pay, sick leave and other money.

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On January 15th, Wood was fired by Mayor Adrian Perkins, but the two came to an amicable agreement on a settlement. Wood claims the Mayor has not honored that agreement.

Wood's attorney Allison Jones says her client earned the sick leave prior to the cessation of his employment "because all of the work required to earn the commissions was performed by Mr. Wood prior to his termination."

The suit goes on to allege "defendant's failure to pay Mr. Wood his wages and earned sick leave in a timely manner was intentional and in bad faith, and as a result defendants are liable to Mr. Wood for penalty wages and attorney's fees."

KEEL News caught up with Wood who tells us "this is not something I wanted to do, but the Mayor's actions or I should say, inaction. left me no choice."

We also reached out to the Mayor and the City Attorney and Mekisha Creal sent us this:  "the City will not comment on pending litigation."

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