Tempers flared in Baton Rouge over a bill heard in a Senate committee. The Advocate of Baton Rouge reports the "F Bomb" flew during this dispute in the halls of the State Senate.

Senator Regina Barrow told a report she has never been disrespected like this in her 18 years as a State Lawmaker.

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The Advocate quotes Barrow as saying “my husband is not even allowed to speak to me like that.” Earlier in the day Barrow says Senator Stewart Cathey was presenting a bill that would take $7.5 million in property tax revenue from schools and the sheriff in East Baton Rouge Parish and send the money to other parishes. Cathey is from Monroe.

Barrow is a Democratic Senator from Baton Rouge and she was opposing the plan to take the money from Baton Rouge. She says Cathey shouted at Barrow “they told you a f-ing lie!” Barrow says he shouted that message at her while pointing his finger right in her face.

Canva and Louisiana Senate
Canva and Louisiana Senate

Barrow then fired back “You better not put your f-ing hand in my face again!”

Things began to escalate and Senator Cathey stepped closer to Senator Barrow and they continued to exchange words. At that point during the flare-up Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, who is a former lawmaker told them both "can we have some decorum, please?”

This seemed to work to diffuse the situation. Cathey walked away.

This dispute came up in the Senate Chamber a few hours later when Cathey apologized to Barrow for his temper tantrum. He even stepped to the microphone in front of all his colleagues to apologize publicly to Barrow. She accepted his apology.

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