Millions will be watching what happens today in the case of former President Donald Trump who is facing indictment in New York. This indictment has been sealed, so we don't know the exact charges facing the former President.

While discussing the Trump case on Monday morning, Louisiana was disrespected in a big way by a couple of the hosts of the ABC show, The View. The Bayou State came up when they began talking about the lack of cameras in the courtroom in New York.

Much of the discussion has centered around allegations that Trump allegedly paid "hust money" to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Sunny Hoston told the ladies on the panel "I think it's terrible that New York is one of only two states that doesn't allow cameras in the courtroom. Because of this, we really won't get to hear exactly what happened in the courtroom. The other state that does not allow cameras in the courtroom is Louisiana." Whoopie Goldberg responded to this discussion by saying "Louisiana will never allow cameras in the courtroom, you know that." Hoston replied "it's Louisiana."

What do these ladies of "The View" have against Louisiana? The state was referenced in a way that we are backwoods and won't allow anything progressive. Is that what they meant? After all, we have a Democratic Governor in John Bel Edwards. And we are one of the few southern states with a Democrat in charge.

Maybe Whoopie should pick up the phone and call Governor Edwards and push for cameras in the courtroom if she thinks that's such a great idea.

Why go on national TV and make the entire state seem draconian?

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