Every summer has a thing.  Last year it was Pokemon GO, this year was fidget spinners, next year will probably be Fidgeymon GO.  I personally like the fidget spinners though.  I am a fidgeter, and it is nice to have a device that harnesses that nervous energy so I don't bite my fingers off.

There have been reports of kids having them confiscated because they were a distraction in the classroom, but one Louisiana school board has taken it a step further. The Rapides Parish School Board had a meeting on Wednesday as educators are preparing for the start off the 2018-2019 school year.  One of the hottest topics on the table was banning the distracting spinners from all school campuses.  Collectively, the board decided that students and faculty would be better off without them.

KALB reports that the ban extends to include school buses and school sponsored events like football games.  All devices will be taken up and only returned to a parent upon request.

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