Some local residents are trying to put a stop to the demolition of Fairgrounds Field in Shreveport. This latest claim centers on how the demolition company is handling the bat guano at the stadium. Attorney Jerry Harper has sent a letter to the Mayor on behalf of clients who live near the property. He says there are health concerns about how the bat droppings are being handled. He says the company in charge of the demolition is improperly handling the guano which could create a substantial health risk to residents in the area.


What Does Attorney Want to Happen at Fairgrounds Field?

Harper is asking for the demolition to stop until the city can make sure the hazardous materials are handled properly. He says if the current procedure is not altered to better protect the public, he will ask the court order to halt the demolition.

Henderson Construction has been hired by the city to tear down the stadium and they hired a specialty company Perault Nuisance Wildlife Control of Denham Springs to get rid of thousands of bats in the old ballpark.  They spent a couple of weeks in getting the bats out of the stadium.

Developer Linc Coleman of U.L. Coleman Companies is one of the plaintiffs being represented by Harper. Coleman has tried to get the city to save the stadium and use it for a variety of sports activities. But the Mayor says it’s too late. He says the city already has a signed contract for the demolition and that work will proceed.

But Attorney Harper says the bat droppings can send spores into the air which can be dangerous to those who live and work in the area.

Harper is also concerned about the State Fair which will be held near this property in just a few weeks. He says this could pose a health problem to the visitors coming to town for this big event.

50+ Pictures of Shreveport's Abandoned Historic Fairgrounds Field

Before you know it, Shreveport's historic Fairgrounds Field will be will be exactly that - history. Once the legal wrangling is done, the proverbial endangered-bat-guano will hit the fan and the once glorious Ratchet-City cathedral to baseball will be demolished and gone.

Before it "bats" its final inning, let's take a final look at the glory that once was. I warn you though, it's kind of like seeing that super-hot girl from high school 20 years later - and time has not been kind.

These awesome pictures were provided by urban photographer extraordinaire Ron DeBello.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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