The first Caddo case of Coronavirus is a local man in his 60's who is now quarantined at home.


He reached out to KEEL News on Friday to tell us more about what he's been going through. We have agreed to let him remain anonymous to protect his privacy. Here are some of the things he told us:

The local media did a decent job of covering the this case, but they mis-reported one thing. I did travel through the Atlanta Airport on February 17th and February 21st going to and from Columbus, Ohio.

He went on to explain how the symptoms manifested:

It all started with a scratchy throat and a slight cough. Got tested for flu, negative. Dr. gave shot of steroids and sent home with steroid pills. After 5 days of feeling like a racehorse with no temp and it all went downhill from there.

He does not want media attention and would not do an interview for the radio, but did agree to send us some information about his case and what has happened with him. I asked him how he is doing now and here's what he said:

I have pneumonia and am getting better. Thanks for asking.

And how is your family? Is anyone having symptoms?

They are quarantined with me. They are all ok and don't have the virus.

He also talked more about what happened while he was quarantined at CHRISTUS Highland Hospital:

It took a CAT scan at CHRISTUS to expose that I might be suspect for Caronavirus. So that is when they isolated me and sent off the test. Everytime I went to the doctor and to the hospital, I told them, just so you know, I didn't travel out of the country, but I did go through the Atlanta airport.

He also offers this tip:

That old rule that says 'if you feel fever free for 24 hours, you can return to work', they should throw that in the trash for Coronavirus. I have been fever free for over 48 hours and though things were great and then, BAM...fever comes back.

KEEL News did ask him if he would care to share information about some of the events he attended in the area and he told us he has given all of that information to the CDC and he wants to leave it to them to contact all the people that he may have come in contact with.

He has agreed to stay in touch with us and provide more information that could help the public.


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