Governor John Bel Edwards has not had an easy time during his time in the Governor's office. He has faced more than a few natural disasters, the flood of 2016, Hurricane Laura, and others. He has also faced some man-made or political disasters too. Oh, there's also the current pandemic that's still a part of our day to day lives as well.

Despite his best efforts to do what he believes to be best for our state there are some that feel the Governor has not done enough. Or, that what he has done has not been beneficial to Louisiana.

If enough of the state's residents feel the same way then it is entirely possible that the Governor could be recalled. That could happen if the organizers of a petition to recall him get their wish and enough required signatures.

KLFY Television is reporting that two Eunice men, Lee Joseph Vidrine and Micahel Lyn Vidrine have organized a petition that would recall Governor Edwards. For the petition to be successful the Vidrine's would have to get 20% of the state's registered voters to sign on. If you're into the numbers, that would be about 600,000 signatures needed.

Organizers of the petition now have less than 180 days to secure the required number of signatures and return that information to the Louisiana Secretary of State office. In other words, the document will need to be turned over and certified before the end of February of next year.


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