Horseshoe Casino hosted a charity poker event Sunday afternoon and lots of local celebrities came out to try to win money for charity.

It's all in an effort to promote the Southern Poker Open which is being hosted at Horseshoe Casino later this week. A huge crowd of professional poker players will converge on the area for this high dollar event which is being held in the Riverdome to accommodate the crowd.

To get the week start, a few dozen locals showed up Sunday to face off in the charity version of the event. once we got whittled down to the final table, I found myself with a limited stack but I hit a couple of pretty good hands early and started to build the stack.

Horseshoe Charity Poker

The hand of the day has to be the one that knocked the final table down from 4 to 2. I have a pair of 4's and I raise ten grand. My buddy (and co-worker) Jay Whatley goes all in. He has about 14,000 left. So it's gonna cost me another 4 grand. But John Bishop was also still in and he also decided to go all in. I'm drawn to this huge pot now and I've got a pile of chips in front of me. I tell the boys "I've got a pair" to see how they react. Whatley says "I have a pair too". John is quiet. I can't resist this monster pot, so I call.

I flip over y 4's. Jay flips over 6's and John flips over an Ace/King.

I'm not even sure what cards came out on the flop or the turn, but I do know I caught a 4 on the river to know both of them out.

Then it was down to Michael Sean Powell and myself for the win. He was really low on chips and went all in pretty quickly. I had a Jack/6 and called him and won the event. I'm thrilled to be able to present the YWCA of Northwest Louisiana with the winning check of $2,000.

Thanks to all the folks at Horseshoe for this really cool event.

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