Juan Zuniga was shot and left for dead after defending his mother outside of their family business in Shreveport. Zuniga was shot twice in the chest outside of El Compadre's Family Restaurant on East Kings Highway. During the shooting, Juan lost a lot of blood and one of the bullets struck and collapsed his lung. It was unknown if Juan would live through the ordeal. But, now that Zuniga has made a full recovery, he is helping the folks that saved his life.

Zuniga recently donated $75,000 to University Health. The money is from donations collected while he was recovering from his wounds. Juan told KTBS, "It's a lot of money...I just, I don't feel worthy of this, Like I have to give it back. And, I think giving back by saving lives and donating to a good cause, I think it'll be handy." According to a Facebook post, University Health says they will use to the money to buy more lifesaving equipment.

Juan spent 70 days recovering from his injuries and now only has one lung. He says that the team at University Health is the only reason he's still alive today.

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