That earthquake that was felt in East Texas this morning, shook, rattled and even rolled  people out of bed. In fact, my two teenage daughters were awakened by the tremors.

earthquake map

You know it had to register  4.3 magnitude on the Richter scale.  The rumblings were reportedly centered around the town of Timpson, Texas, which was also the site of  an earthquake a few weeks ago.

One lady from Center, Texas, told us she felt it while she was at work.

Another man, this one from Carthage, says he woke up and told his wife about feeling an earthquake and she thought he was having a nightmare.

Where I live in Carthage, I was sitting  in my car under my carport, about to back out when I felt my car moving, like it was on a wave.  I wondered if my engine was about to explode.  At that same moment, my 19-year-old daughter, Casey,  called me from her cell phone, and said, "Mom, did you feel that? That earthquake. It woke me up and shook the lamps in my room. I heard there were earthquakes in Timpson, are we going to be okay?"

I reassured her, everything was okay and it was either an earthquake or a gas explosion nearby. (Carthage used to be the gas capital of the U.S.)

 Then, Casey says, "Jill's up now and in my room. It woke her up, too." (Jill is my 16-year-old daughter).  There was no word for my husband or 14-year-old son, Shane. I guess guys can sleep through anything.

   In the Bossier-Shreveport area, one woman said she woke up to a tremor.  Others could feel it in Tyler, Nacogdoches and even Grand Cane, Louisiana.

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