Things were shaking on Sunday in communities north of Shreveport. Dozens of residents reported feeling something shaking just before 1pm.

The Caddo Sheriff’s Office got several calls about the incident. Many were concerned that there had been some sort of explosion.


But the U.S. Geological Survey is now confirming there was a magnitude 3.0 earthquake in the region. The epicenter of this quake was in Caddo Parish 4 miles southwest of Mooringsport.

People all over the region could feel it. Calls came in from Blanchard, Mooringsport, Oil City, and communities around Caddo Lake.

The USGS says this 3.0 magnitude earthquake is the 2nd one in the area in the past 2 years.



What Neighborhoods Felt the Quake?

It was felt as far south as the MLK area across from KCS.

Blanchard residents reported feeling the quake.

Many residents near Elsies off of Old Mooringsport Road.

The McCain Road and Grimm Road area.

Oil City residents felt the shaking.

Residents off Blanchard Latex felt the quake. One reports some things were knocked off a shelf.

Residents on Soda Lake near Hwy 1 felt the shaking which alerted their dogs.

Mooringsport Latex Road residents reported the quake.

The USGS says the epicenter of this event was 4 kilometers SSW of Mooringsport.

There have been no reports of injuries or damage from the quake.

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