A dust cloud is headed toward Shreveport and Bossier City, but it might not have as big of an impact as it's had in Texas. Fox News reports this dust storm is blowing in from west Texas and it's now moving through the Dallas Fort Worth area.

This storm is causing hazy skies across the region. This system is moving through the heart of Texas and folks woke up to the smoke and dusty soot covering their cars and anything else they had outside.

As this dust storm moved into west Texas, it came with winds as high as 80mph which was frightening as this dust cloud roared east.

This dust cloud was followed up by some strong showers which caused a muddy mess on many cars. This dust cloud moved out of central Texas and is now headed for east Texas and northwest Louisiana.

This dust cloud is also causing lots of visits to doctors offices across Texas. Folks are reporting sinus and cold symptoms that could be directly related to the poor air quality.

Where Did This Dust Storm Originate?

This is all generated from dry lands in New Mexico and west Texas where wind gusts have picked up the dirt and sent it up into the sky. As rain showers move through this dust falls as wet dirt covering cars.

Most of it has moved through Dallas and is headed northeast.

Will This Dust Cloud Hit Shreveport?

KEEL News spoke with the folks at the National Weather Service Office and they tell us this dust cloud is more likely headed toward the I-30 corridor rather than due east toward Shreveport Bossier. But they also say it could impact the local air quality with a little bit of haze over the next 2 days.

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