Drew Brees transition from the field to the broadcast booth has been easier than most. The longtime New Orleans Saints quarterback has exhibited insight, charm and wit in his new role as analyst on NBC's "Sunday Night Football."

But, interestingly, the most talked about facet of Brees TV persona isn't his ability to breakdown an offense. No, it's his hair. Or, more specifically, his hairline. It's moved.

And it's getting lots of national media attention. The Sporting News not only noticed the sudden change, they went so far as to chronicle #9s hair timeline from loss to restoration. Here's a bit of what they said::

getty images
getty images

"Brees himself hasn’t spoken about his magically reappearing hairline, but fans speculate he used some sort of hair restoration products or received a hair transplant before starting his new on-air gig. Another possibility is that Brees wears a hair piece. Nothing has been confirmed."

Then, Fanbuzz weighed in:

"It is out of the ordinary for a man to be balding one week and sport a full head of hair the next. The greatest comeback in Drew Brees career wasn't on the field, but on his head!"

And even The New York Post had an opinion:

"Fans on social media were surprised to see Brees with a fuller head of hair, and noticed that his “hairline” has seemingly drastically improved in post-retirement life."

So, Drew Brees fans, Saints fans and fans of all things tonsorial, it's time to weigh in! Take our poll!

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