Governor John Bel Edwards is set to make an announcement today on the future of his stay-at-home order. Dr. Martha Whyte with the Office of Public Health for Region 7 says we will definitely have phases and she says we will be getting lots of guidance on what businesses need to do to open safely with precautions in place to protect the public and the workers.

Dr. Whyte says hospital and nursing home visits will not likely happen until the last phase of the reopening plan.

She says we need to still take this very seriously and "I feel like there's a lot of people who have not been touched by this directly and they don't quite get how serious this is." She says we are still having people who are dying everyday and people who are being hospitalized. She adds: "It could be you tomorrow. It could be someone you love tomorrow."

She says we need to take this seriously because as we move out and about we're all exposing ourselves a lot more to this virus. Dr. Whyte says if we reopen our economy too quickly, it's going to go on longer than if we do it slowly and in the right way. She says "We are going to reopen. But it's how we do it and how we limit the effects of the virus."

Dr. Whyte also answers this question that we are hearing from lots of folks:  "If masks work why can't businesses open?"  She says "it's not that the masks don't work. It's that people don't wear them correctly and don't wear them consistently."





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