Dr. GE Ghali, Chancellor at Shreveport's LSU Health Shreveport, talks about the COVID 19 vaccine and the medical front-liners who will be the first recipients.

"As you correctly say, we're going to start with the front line folks," Ghali tells KEEL, "Those who are involved in the direct care of COVID patients."

The Chancellor then clears up a question that is asked by many. "At this point (the vaccine) is voluntary and we don't expect it to be voluntary," he says, then emphasizing the vaccines' safety. "It does not contain the actual virus itself. It stimulates cells in the body to form what's called a spike protein (which) creates an immune response, so if the recipient comes in contact with the virus, then they already have an innate immune response to the virus."

The Doctor also talks about how the mass inoculation is a "game changer." This is an early Christmas gift," Ghali says, "And it couldn't have happened this fast without Operation Warp Speed. There were a lot of bureaucratic hurdles eliminated by the (Trump) administration that allowed this to happen. Plus, the researchers have incredible integrity. They're not going to inject someone with something unless they believe it to be completely safe."

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