State Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley talks about the move to Phase III and what that means for schools across Louisiana.

"It's a good day. We're moving to Phase III," Brumley begins, "Three major shifts for school systems across the state and the first of those has to do with getting kids to school.In Phase II were were looking at 50% school bus capacity. In Phase III we're looking at moving up to 75% capacity. In terms of group size, we'll be able to move from a limit of 25 in a group to 50 individuals in a group. An the third significant change is...Phase III allows for band and choir and vocal music."

"We visited with all the school systems across the a conference call," Brumley continues, explaining the plan to return more kids to the classrooms, "Moving into Phase III does clear the runway, so to speak, in allowing us to have more students on campus, but some things will still be in place, six feet social distance, having to wear face coverings and sanitation practices.We've been really successful in Phase II in terms of controlling the spread of this virus and I think we'll do well in Phase III."

And Brumley then talks about conversations Governor John Bel Edwards and the Phase III move. "I assured him that we are ready for Phase III. If Louisiana as a state can move to Phase III, then our school systems too can move to Phase III and we can be successful."


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