Thank goodness this drug baggie was found before a dog got curious.

This week, Love Shreveport-Bossier shared a video that should have all dog-owners, and Shreveporters in general, a little worried. The video is shot at the Shreveport Dog Park and you won't believe what is revealed mere seconds into the video.

The man recording shows the dog park, then shows in dog safely in the backseat of his truck, then aims the camera at his feet. Right there, in the middle of the Shreveport Dog Park, sat a drug baggie. I have very little knowledge about drugs, so I have no idea what was inside the bag. I've seen enough episodes of COPS and Live P.D. to make a guess, though, so I'll have to go with a baggie full of crack cocaine.

Sadly, these things happen in Shreveport. I hate the thought of taking my daughters out to a park and them stumbling across something like this. I think they are both smart enough to not get too curious, but the same cannot be said about Shreveport dogs.

Luckily, this man found the baggie before any sniffing dogs tracked it down, assuming there was only one baggie left at the dog park. I'm not sure what happened following the video, but I would have to assume the man called Shreveport Police to handle it, and hopefully, they made sure the rest of the dog park was drug baggie-free.

I don't love the fact that he bent down and picked up the baggie with his bare hands, but you can see the 14-second video below!


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