With crime up 30 percent in Shreveport, City Councilman Willie Bradford has proposed having the mayor call in the Caddo Parish Sheriff's department to help assist Shreveport police and patrol inside the city limits.

Bradford says with the spike in violent crime, some increasing as much as 150% over last year's stats, it is obvious the city needs to take a more aggressive approach. Mayor Ollie Tyler says she she has the power to call the Sheriff's office in without the resolution and that city police and the Sheriff's Office have already been working together on some operations.

Bradford tells KEEL News crime in our community has reached "Crisis Proportions"..

He says we have seen a 138% increase in murders, a 21% increase in forcible rape; a 150% increase in business armed robbery, and a 139% increase in business burglary....

The city council will vote on the resolution at today's meeting which begins at 3pm at Government Plaza.

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