Shreveport leaders recently voted to ease the penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. This has also sparked a new debate about recreational use of weed.

JMC recently did a poll on marijuana and the numbers are quite surprising.

The main question in the poll is "Do You Favor Legalization of both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana? 67% of those polled say yes. That compares to 54% who said yes last year. That's a big swing in just one year.

JMC says "Louisiana has a reputation for being a conservative state, and that especially true if social/lifestyle issues are involved."

JMC says there are some key takeaways from the latest poll:

(1) Public opinion about marijuana usage continues to trend in the direction of less restrictions.

(2) this strong support for relaxing marijuana laws is consistent across nearly every identifiable demographic group.

(3) any differences in opinion there are primarily driven by the age of the respondent.

Another question in the poll says "If a candidate for office wanted to reform Louisiana's marijuana laws, would you be more or less likely to support that candidate?

More Likely 65%  That number was 53% in 2020

Less Likely 17%  Last year, 20% said less likely

No Difference 19% But 27% said there was no difference a year ago.

This JMC survey was conducted March 22-23. More than 1100 people were surveyed.

Which cities were included in this survey? 5% from Alexandria, 20% from Baton Rouge, 13% from Lafayette, 5% from Lake Charles, 9% from Monroe, 36% from New Orleans, and 13% from Shreveport.

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We wanted to do our own poll. So let us know what you think.


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