I rant and rave about streets lights out all over town. But I also complain to the right people. At least, I thought I was complaining to the right people. Now I am beginning to wonder if anyone really cares.

Here's what the interstate looked like this morning:

In a February email, I let city leaders know lights were out in several spots including "​35 lights out on Youree Drive between East Kings and I-20." The email also referenced lights still out on I-20wb between Spring and Fairfield. That email also said "nearly all lights out on I-20 from Jewella to Monkhouse." I will let you know, the westbound lights on I-20 were fixed. But the eastbound lights are still out.

In a June 14th email, I noted "45 lights out on Youree Drive between East Washington and I-20." This problem is only getting worse on one of our city's major thoroughfares. The June email also said "lights out on I-20 between Spring/Market and I-49."

I got a reply saying "we will check the lights at these locations".

But things have not changed. In a July 10th email, I noted the same 45 lights out on Youree Drive. I was told Swepco would be notified about that problem. But I also listed other problem areas including I-20 Eastbound between Monkhouse and Jewella. The Public Works Director told me "we will check these lights."

That's been more than 2 weeks. And now we are welcoming international guests to our community for the Olympic Volleyball Qualifier at the CenturyLink Center this weekend. The USA team has arrived. We are expecting teams from Argentina, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan to converge on the area as well. They will all be bringing a large entourage of family, friends, coaches, trainers and managers.

What will their impression of Shreveport Bossier be?  If they jump on I-20 at Monkhouse, they will see complete darkness. Why? Do we need a GoFundMe account for light bulbs? I say that in jest, but what is the problem?

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