As you might know, this is one of my pet peeves.  It's pretty depressing to drive around parts of Shreveport Bossier at night and notice so many street lights out.

Coming home from my gun class Tuesday night, I'm headed across the Shreveport Barksdale bridge and I noticed every light on the westbound side is out.  Not just a few lights out, every blasted light was dark.  On the eastbound side, all the lights are on as you can see in my video.

These aren't the only lights out.  The lights going into downtown Shreveport on Spring Street are also out.  The lights on I-20 between Spring Street and I-49 are out in both directions.  Many lights on the Cross Lake Bridge are out. I've also been told many of the lights on 220 near the new I-49 overpass are out.

One of the big problems is that some of these lights are handled by the city. Some are handled by DOTD and Swepco handles some others.

I've been griping about this for many years.  I would like to see someone put together a proposal to find a permanent solution.

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