Boy does this make me feel like I've got a case of deja vu.  Four years ago, I was harping about all the street lights out in Shreveport.

In trying to find out who was responsible for fixing them, I got stuck in a circle. DOTD handles some of them, Swepco takes care of some them and the city is responsible for some of them.  It's really hard to figure out who is supposed to do what.

4 years ago, I recorded a video of all the lights going into downtown Shreveport on Spring Street out.  It took about 18 months, but then Mayor Ollie Tyler took care of the problem about 18 months later.  She told me special equipment was needed on that stretch of roadway.

Well fast forward 4 years and we have the problem again.  Here's my video from the morning of January 31st, 2019.  Almost every light on Spring Street over I-20 is out.  Take a look:

This seems like an easy fix to me.  Someone should roll the streets once a month or once a week at night and take note of all the lights out and send that info on to the appropriate folks.  Obviously that is not happening.

I'm also told almost all of the lights on the Cross Lake Bridge are still out. And I also noticed today that 75% of the lights on I-20 between Spring and I-49 are out on the westbound side.

It's my hope that Mayor Perkins can get a handle on this and put a system in place to routinely address this problem.


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