You be the judge. What is this? Everyone I have talked to says it's a meteor blazing across the sky in south Shreveport. Not too many people saw it because it happened just after 1am this morning.

But a good friend of mine caught it on his home security system. It's quick, but you can clearly see the flashing light over the sky. He tells me it actually appeared much more pronounced than you can see on the video.

"It was a brilliant turquoise blue although the video doesn’t really show it."

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We've heard a lot about UFO's and all the new info that is coming out, so we have to look at this several times just to make sure it's not a space ship or anything crazy like that. It's not. It does appear to be a meteor flashing across the sky in all its brilliance.

I guess it's a way for nature to say Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Quite a nice gift.

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