You have to love these kinds of heartwarming stories at Christmas time. Sharay Lane posted on Facebook about a DeSoto Sheriff's Deputy who paid for her groceries which she was in Brookshires this week.

She writes:

When I tell yall there's still some good people in this world believe me. Okay I was just in Brookshires waiting to be checked out & this officer from DeSoto Parish Sheriff Department was in front of me, I'm just looking down in my phone I just so happen to look up and I see my groceries going down the line w/ the cashier ranging them up & he's still in the front of the cash register me thinking she thought that was his stuff but I thought wrong & I goes to say "MA'AM those are my groceries" & Mr. Officer says to me "MERRY CHRISTMAS". I was in total shock yall I literally started shedding tears.

I can't let him go unnoticed for this because that was literally a blessing man I'M FOREVER GRATEFUL for it! I can vouch not every officer is a bad officer because I've seen nothing but good.

Mr. Officer I am forever Grateful for this blessing & I pray you receive double in return for this act of kindness you showed & MAY GOD BLESS YOU CONTINUOUSLY💙💙💙💙

KEEL News has found out this is Captain Adam Ewing who in charge of Criminal Investigations for the DeSoto Sheriff's Department and we echo those sentiments: "God Bless you and thanks for all you do."

We caught up with him and had a chance to talk with him (he really did not want to do this interview).


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