I live off of Airline Drive. I normally try to find alternate ways to get to certain places because I see so many bumper to bumper accidents on Airline. Benton road has become my new best friend, and even then, it's getting congested. Have you ever tried to make it a mile down Airline in less than 10 minutes? Not possible. Especially this time of the year.

Trying to turn on to Airline from Beene Boulevard? Hello, anxiety. that awkward and frustrating moment when you get stuck in the intersection and no cars can go. I was driving down Airline yesterday around 5:00 p.m. A trip that should take me about 3 to 5 minutes took me over 20 minutes. Yes, I realize it is "5 o'clock traffic" but come on, we live in Bossier. Why do I need to allocate an extra 20 minutes to travel 2 miles? I would understand if we lived in New Orleans or Dallas, but Bossier?

As a proud member of the Bossier community, I want our city to keep growing. I love that we are considered a great place to live with wonderful schools. How can we grow when our roads can't handle the traffic we have now?

Do you share my same frustrations? Or am I just now discovering that I have a serious case of road rage brewing inside of me?

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