This sweet 16 turned sour pretty quickly.

A girl in Hamburg, Germany had 1,500 people show up to her 16th birthday party after she posted an invitation to the bash on Facebook – but accidentally made it a public event. 

It took more than 100 cops to clear everyone from the fiesta shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday morning.  Six people were arrested on various charges and a few were injured.

The birthday girl, named Thessa, had to move the festivities from her house to another location.

The event appeared to play out more like a city celebrating a local team’s championship than a birthday party.  A police spokesman said, “There were stones, bottles and fireworks flying, and party guests took apart (people’s) front gardens. Fences were trampled.”

The spokesman also cautioned people to know how to use social media when planning an event. He said, “If you are not all that familiar with Facebook, in the future you should look closely at the user conditions before you send out invites.”

Of course, it’s nice to hear about a sweet 16 that didn’t get out of hand because the girl was a complete brat, right?

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