The word "cult" has lost a little meaning over the last few decades. Part of that has to do with the general public labeling everything from groups of sports fans to concertgoers as being in "cults", but it has a lot to do with our current political climate...where if you don't agree with someone, its because you're in a cult. By the way, that's BOTH major parties who keep accusing others, so...

Anyway, what is an actual cult? The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as:

"a religious group, often living together, whose beliefs are considered extreme or strange by many people:"

That's part of the reason why the term has been watered-down, because people can weaponize that concept. Even people inside of cults can label those on the outside as a cult. Because even when a cult fits the dictionary definition of a cult, they don't want to be known as a cult.

For example: Scientology.

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Is it a cult? By definition, yes. Do most people think its a cult, absolutely. Do they want to be known as a cult? No, and they will fight you for saying it. But that's what cults do. They don't identify themselves as a cult, and they fight back.

Whether they want to be known as a cult or not, they are one. In fact, Scientology is one of the few cults operating in the state of Louisiana. At least, one of the well known cults. Scientology has physical locations in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

But Louisiana has been known for occult activity for hundreds of years. From the Church of the Sacrifice and the murders committed by serial killer Clementine Barnabet to modern day horrors committed at churches around the state of Louisiana. This state has been a stronghold for cults.

Recently, the online brand WatchMojo has ranked out the 10 Most Disturbing Cults That Are Still Active. Honestly, I hadn't heard of some of these groups, but others had made a lot of national news. Interestingly, Scientology didn't make the list.

So how many of these 10 Most Disturbing Cults operate inside Louisiana? Well, we researched it to see if we could find any. Here's what we found...

WatchMojo via
WatchMojo via

The only cult listed we found was Happy Science.

While they have a social media presence that is regularly updated, Happy Science Louisiana lists online that they do not have a physical temple in the state. But they are actively operating.

Which could actually go for many on this list. Even though we couldn't find evidence of the other 9 cults operating in Louisiana, it doesn't mean there aren't cult members of these groups here. Many of these groups have to operating in silence publicly because of the crimes they have committed, or are currently committing.

You can check out all 10 on the list here:

10 Most Disturbing Cults That Are Still Active

The online site WatchMojo posted their list of the 10 Most Disturbing Cults That Are Still Active. These are the ones that made their cut. You can see their reasoning here.

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