It's so great to watch groups come together to do good things. That's exactly what happened in the Highland and Stoner Hill neighborhoods on Monday with a sweep of the area to get rid of piles of garbage and trash.

Highland 1

Shreveport Property Standards workers along with folks from SPAR, Public Works, Shreveport Police and others came together to help get rid of piles of junk from properties across the city's Highland and Stoner Hill area.

District B Councilwoman LeVette Fuller helped with the effort to clean up her district. She has long been an advocate of improving what we have rather than expanding out city outward.

The crews collected several loads of tree limbs, tires, old appliances and all kinds of other debris. Police officers are put 7 day stickers on several cars letting the owners know they have a week to move the dead cars or they will be impounded by the city.

Highland 2


What Property Standards Can Help With in Your Neighborhood:

  • Nuisance / Care of Premise - The city prohibits property that is occupied or unoccupied to have junk, trash, debris, building material, improper storage, appliances, car parts / dismantled vehicles, swimming pools in disrepair or neglected state, fallen dead trees or unsound fence(s).
  • Residential Substandard Structure - A dilapidated house that does not provide adequate shelter and endangers the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens.
  • Inoperable Vehicles - Any motor vehicle incapable of being moved under it's own power.
  • Overgrown Property - City Ordinance requires grass and weeds not to exceed 12 inches in height.
  • Shreveport Citywide Cleanup


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