Things are beginning to get better for crawfish lovers in our area. If you are planning to have a little crawfish boil for Mardi Gras season, you will find a good supply in the local area.

Most of the local restaurants who specialize in crawfish have a pretty good supply and the bugs are getting bigger.

Are the Crawfish Prices Falling Yet?

There is some bad news. The prices are not really falling much. You will pay about $6.99 a pound for boiled crawfish. You can find live crawfish for about $4.00 a pound at some of your favorite spots in Shreveport and Bossier City.

There are a few places that don't have any crawfish yet, so you will need to call ahead. In fact, it is best to call and put in your order if you want a large supply for a Mardi Gras party. If you are planning a crawfish boil, remember you will have to buy at least 30 pounds at most places.

How Much Are Crawfish in Shreveport?

Crawfish season is already here and folks have been snapping up the mudbugs. We checked on the prices for you.

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