Dr. Martha Whyte, Regional Director for the Louisiana Department of Public Health, talks about the latest surge in COVID 19 cases, the most common symptoms and when patients are at their most vulnerable as the virus runs its course.

"It's not surprising," Dr. Whyte begins, referring to the number of COVID patients with minor symptoms,"Some people are completely asymptomatic. The problem is, it's like Russian Roulette, You don't know if you're going to be (mildly symptomatic or be in the hospital and be really sick."

The doctor then talks about the danger of the illness extends into the second week, even if symptoms are mild. "There are people who will see a worsening of symptoms or even a return of symptoms," she says, "whenever you have shortness of breath it's something you have to take very seriously because that can progress pretty rapidly...it's not something that you want to ignore."

Dr. Whyte then addresses the latest protocols for recovering patients. "So, if you're an actual case - tested positive - you have to stay in isolation for ten days. You can return to work after those ten days as long as you're afebrile, or no fever for at least twenty four hours and your symptoms are improving or gone. Some people will keep a little cough, many will have fatigue and the loss of taste or smell can remain for some time. You don't have to be completely well, but definitely improved in your fever."


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