With Christmas Day less than a month away, maybe the biggest surprise isn't that there's a Holiday song about COVID 19, but that it took this long!

"We Three Kings are Six Feet Apart" is sung to the tune of the John Henry Hopkins classic (penned in 1857). But our lyrically updated version was written by R.G. Huff. And with no offense to Mr. Huff...hopefully this is the only year it will ever be sung.

1) We three kings are six feet apart. We'll Purell before we depart. We've been tested,        as suggested. Careful are we and smart.

2) Melchior is now quarantined. Stuck in Persia, so it would seem. No more travel on a      camel, til there's a good vaccine.

3) Balthasar has lost his taste. Eating food is now such a waste. How disquieting, now        he's dieting. Life now is slower paced.

4) Caspar left the caravan. He postponed his star gazing plans. No more roaming. Now      he's homing, scrubbing his reddened hands.

Refrain) Oooohhhhh...Do our masks go with our gowns? Do these face shields cover                   our crowns? We've had plenty of 2020, still headed t'ward David's town.


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