Shreveport Sports Complex 2

Corporate Realty of Birmingham, Alabama has proposed spending $139 million dollars to build a retail complex at Cross Bayou. The project would also have included a hotel and residential space. Is the deal dead now that the Shreveport City Council has voted 6-0 against the Mayor's plan to sell $30 million in revenue bonds to fund an arena to house the New Orleans G-League team.

KEEL News reached out today to Robert Simon of Corporate Realty and his spokesman tells us "Corporate Realty will review the situation and see where we need to go from here. Other than that, we will have no other comment."

Mayor Tyler has also told us her team will be speaking with Corporate Realty to find out if there is any way to salvage the deal. She says she would not be doing her job as Mayor if she did not work to bring in this kind of investment to our city.

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