In 2017, Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler was pushing for the City Council to approve funds to build a development on Cross Bayou in Downtown Shreveport. The project was an effort to land the New Orleans Pelicans' G-League team. The 130 million dollar proposal was ultimately rejected the City Council and the citizens.

However, it seems that the project may have some new life thanks to a group of businessmen headed up by Paul Pratt from Chesapeake Energy. The new Cross Bayou development, now being called Cross Bayou Point, would be a One Billion Dollar development in Downtown Shreveport and Ledbetter Heights. The plan includes new office space, retail stores, housing, a charter school and a facility that could house the New Orleans Pelicans' G-League team.

The group hopes to create a public-private partnership with the city to me the idea a reality. While many local leaders and citizens are excited by the idea of the project, there still are a lot of details that have yet to be announced like how much money the city would have to provide for the project.

More details on the possible development are expected to be announced over the next week or so.

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