With most of America moving into Phase I of reopening the economy from the restraints of near nationwide stay-at-home orders, the personal finance website, WalletHub, has taken a close look at the freedoms - or a continued lack of - across the country.

Using a variety of metrics, WalletHub has determined the order of, from least to most, the states and their respective COVID 19 restrictions and put together their States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions.

Looking at the list with a political eye, four of the five states with the fewest limits are led by Republican governors (Wisconsin being the sole exception), but the parts of the country with the tightest restrictions aren't, as one might expect, led by Democrats. On the WalletHub list, two of the bottom five also have GOP governors.

Here's a look at a the WalletHub top and bottom five with, once again, the higher the rank, the fewer the rules:

1) South Dakota

2) Wisconsin

3) Idaho

4) Missouri

5) Utah

And at the bottom:

47) Vermont

48) Massachusetts

49) District of Columbia

50) Rhode Island

51) Illinois

And what about Louisiana, a conservative state with a Democrat governor? Well, as one might expect - a despite the recent extension of quarantine restrictions - we're just about in the middle, ranking at 29. But, when it came to a description of the state, the WalletHub metrics were not kind:

Fewest Restrictions Ranking: 29

COVID 19 Death Rate Ranking: 41

Category: Many Restrictions and High Covid 19 Death Rate

To see more information about Louisiana and its Phase I reopening of the economy and the complete list of WalletHub's States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions, JUST CLICK HERE!



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