Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson took to the pages of social media this week to reiterate his concerns - and the worries of other GOP lawmakers - about a plan by House Democrats for a second Coronavirus bailout bill, a bill loaded with leftist pork.

Johnson says that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are using COVID 19 to "push a liberal wishlist that has nothing to do with the pandemic."

The 4th Congressional Representative adds that the bill, which runs nearly 2,000 pages, could cost American taxpayers as much as $3 trillion more dollars.

The Democrat legislation, which first came to light in late March with "only" 1,400 pages, has, in fewer than 6) days, grown even larger...and more expensive. According to Johnson, "This disastrous bill would make it more difficult for our country to recover from this pandemic and demonstrates how Democrats are putting their political priorities before the country's best interests."

In the original version, the Pelosi-led proposal called for increased fuel standards and emission controls for airlines, student loan forgiveness, nationwide voting by mail and "ballot harvesting," a Post Office bailout and money for Planned Parenthood.

This new bill calls for increasing early prisoner release across the country, including $250 million to "help prisoners reintegrate into society," increased funding for sanctuary cities and more restrictions on ICE, money for Environmental Protection Agency "justice grants" and would take power away from cities and towns by federalizing the American election process.

Congressman Johnson reiterates, "This is an unprecedented time for our country. Instead of proposing partisan legislation, Democrats should be walking across the aisle so that we can defeat this virus and restore our economy."

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