Caddo Commission candidate James Carstensen joins 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty and refutes a claim made by attorney Alan Seabaugh in which he claims Carstensen committed perjury.

Carstensen was recently part of a suit challenging the residency in Commission District 4 of his opponent, Chris David. In a Wednesday interview on KEEL, Seabaugh, who represented David in the case said, "To be perfectly honest, James Carstensen committed perjury by signing the affidavit that was an under oath statement that was untrue and he also perjured himself on the stand."

In response, Carstensen denies the charge saying, "Absolutely not. I had very credible sources who spoke directly with (David's now ex) wife, who as of Thursday...said that she, in fact, said that he did not live in that (District 4) house. She later changed her mind and didn't want to be subpoenaed. I had already filed, so we had to go with the evidence at hand."

Caddo District Judge Ramon Lafitte ruled that there was no basis to Carstensen's claims, clearing the way for David to continue his candidacy for the commission seat.

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