Baseball - from the Sports to the Captains and a couple more - was a summertime fixture in Shreveport for decades. So popular, in fact, that a new stadium, Fairgrounds Field, was christened in 1986, then renovated three times.

But with the demise of local professional baseball after the 2011 season, the stadium has slowly fallen into a state of disrepair, the home for bats of the flying, not hitting, variety.

And now, trying to salvage a few bucks from the eyesore on I-20, the city of Shreveport is putting the facility up for sale. Though no potential buyers have been announced, rumors are flying regarding a new owner and tenant for the facility.

Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler commented on the possible sale in an official statement:

"The facility needs a lot of money and without the prospect of another baseball team we did not think it would be prudent to do the necessary work and hope that teams would come.  However, we recently showed the facility to a group trying to form a rugby league and they are trying to see if they could make it work for their needs."