We all know the Film Prize is one of the treasured jewels in our community. It has been going strong since 2012 and it keeps growing every year. Film makers from all over the world bring their skills to our area to shoot projects they can enter in the Film Prize competition which boasts a grand prize of $50,000 dollars. The rules for this year have changed just a bit because of the pandemic. Previously, the short films had to be shot in Northwest Louisiana. That restriction has changed. This year, the film can be shot anywhere in Louisiana. That's a good thing, because it opens the competition up to folks who want to venture out to all regions in our state.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have been watching many of the entries from Film Prize competitions of years past. I thought you might enjoy seeing the winners from each year. You can't see the full films from the winners of the past 2 years, because they are not yet released to the general public.

Here are the best of the best and the grand prize winners from each year since this incredible competition started.

See Most of the Film Prize Winning Movies Right Here

The Film Prize is still scheduled for later this year Sep 30 - Oct 4, but I am sure there will be some changes in terms of social distancing and limited crowds, but this is one of the most spectacular events in our community and will attract movie buffs from around the nation.

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