You are feeling the pinch at the pump in Shreveport. Gas prices continue to climb across the nation. reports prices are up by about 7cents over the past week.

U.S. Gas Prices Jump 33 Cents In Two Weeks
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Gas Buddy analyst Patrick DeHaan says rising prices can be attributed to higher oil prices.

Where can you find the cheapest prices in Shreveport-Bossier?

Circle K 8590 Youree Drive  $2.72

Sam's Club 7400 Youree Drive $2.72

Love's 13510 Industrial Drive $2.74

Roger's Corner 6511 Hwy 80 Princeton $2.77

Haughton General Store 9011 Hwy 157 $2.78

Circle K 6300 Jefferson Paige Road $2.79

Circle K 2470 Barksdale Boulevard $2.79

Circle K 2840 Airline Drive $2.79

AAFES (Base Exchange) BAFB $2.79

Exxon 1014 Shreveport Road Minden $2.80

On average, you are paying about $2.97 a gallon across Louisiana.

The lowest prices in the state are in Pineville where motorists can find fuel for $2.39 a gallon. Drivers are paying between $2.65 and $2.90 a gallon in New Orleans. Prices in Baton Rouge range from $2.58 to $2.90 a gallon.

These prices are expected to continue climbing. DeHaan says we could be paying more than $3.00 a gallon in the near future. Higher fuel prices will likely have an impact on the price to transport goods which is already a big problem across the nation.

Containers loaded with goods are stalled at ports in California. There's a shortage of workers to unload the goods. There's also a shortage of trucks to haul those containers to their final destinations.

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