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Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry has beena busy man these past few weeks.  In addition to signing Dodie Horton's 10 Commandments bill, Governor Landry recently signed  legislation that reduces the amount of time a person can receive unemployment benefits.

Currently it’s 26 weeks, but under Jennings Representative Troy Romero’s bill, unemployment will only be available for 12 to 20 weeks depending on the state’s unemployment rate. 


“Twenty-six weeks is a long time.  It’s six months, and the other problem that we looked at is the “help wanted” signs across the state begging people to please come back to work.  Come back and help us.  We are in need of employees.” 


The amount of benefits won't change. The legislation keeps the maximum unemployment benefits at $250 a week. 

Romero says unemployment is designed to be a safety net for adults who lose their jobs and it’s not intended to be a long-term benefit. 


“The average wage for an employee is much higher that $240 a week.  And it gives you pride to go to work.  You are back on your feet, and you’re helping your family and you’re providing. Those things are important.” 


The new law says a jobless individual can receive up to 12 weeks of benefits when the unemployment rate is below five-percent and as much as 20 weeks when the unemployment rate is above five percent. Romero says an individual can get an additional eight weeks of unemployment if they undergo workforce development training. 

“Not only find a good job, but a better paying job than you had before.  And give you the opportunity to receive unemployment while you’re getting that training.  That’s just to me is a win-win for the state.” 


The current unemployment rate in the state is 4.3 percent from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

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