Louisiana lawmakers will soon be taking another look at a bill to ban the use of handheld cell phones while driving.

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Breaux Bridge Republican Representative Mike Huval is pushing for the bill and he says it would apply to making handheld calls. "This bill does not keep you from using your phone….you would have to use the system built into your car rather than hold the phone while you are driving."

Huval’s bill expands on the existing ban on using a handheld cellphone in a school zone to include all highways in the state. Violators could face fines of $100 for a first offense; $300 for a second. In lieu of the fine, you could opt for community service. If you continue to get caught violating the law, your driver's license could be suspended.

But Huval says you can avoid this by learning to use bluetooth technology.

"Its amazing how it makes driving and speaking a lot easier and safer."

Lawmakers got close to passing a similar law last year, but it did not get enough votes.

"We didn’t cross the goal line, we came close. I think we have addressed all the concerns for those lawmakers who have issues with this bill."

This handheld cell phone ban bill is before the Transportation Committee today (Monday). Cedric Glover and Dodie Horton from northwest Louisiana are members of this committee.

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