The casinos across Louisiana could be opening back up for business at the end of this month. That's the message from Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Jones.
He tells KEEL News the task force has been having regular meetings to talk about the protocols that will be required before a casino could reopen for business.

Jones says things are going to look very different once the businesses are back open. One of the big changes will be the capacity of guests combined with employees.
The task force recommended 50% capacity limits on all of the riverboat casinos, but that may be reduced to 25%. No final decision has been made on that yet.
He also tells us the games will look different. For instance, he says a craps table that might be able to accommodate 16 people will now only be allowed to have 6. That's one idea being tossed around by the task force.

Jones did tell us it employees will have to wear masks while on the job. Those masks will be provided by the casino for employees. We asked if customers would be required to wear a mask and he said that would be up to the individual casinos to decide policy. The properties will screen customers and check their temperatures before they are allowed on the gaming floor.

When could the casinos be back open? Jones says we still have to wait on a decision from the Governor on whether or not we can move to phase 1 of reopening the economy. But he tells us it is a possibility the casinos could be allowed to reopen at the end of the month. But the final answer to that question has to come from the Governor. Jones says "I'm hopeful that by the end of the month casinos will be given the opportunity to open back up in some limited way."

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