Dr. John Vanchiere from LSU Health talks about the possible connection between the mRNA COVID vaccines an increased rate of myocarditis.

A summary of the situation from Healthy Children:

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is studying these cases to see if there is any link to the vaccine. This kind of ongoing monitoring is standard with all new vaccines to make sure they are safe. Fortunately, the number of myocarditis cases reported in young people after vaccination doesn't appear any larger than what's normally seen in people this age without the vaccine."

Here's what Dr. Vanchiere has to say about reports of that link:

"Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle," says Vanchiere, "What we're seeing and what CDC is reporting and now reviewing intensively is...the uptick of cases of myocarditis...that is coincident with what seems to be the receipt of the mRNA vaccines, both Pfizer and Moderna, in young adults and some teenagers, particularly within days of getting the second dose of one of those vaccines."

"COVID is still a serious illness and should be taken seriously" he continues, "We'll learn more from the CDC as they finish their evaluation, but at this point there's no change in the recommendation for vaccination and COVID is definitely more deadly than the myocarditis.

"Get vaccinated," Vanchiere concludes, "(Myocarditis) is a rare event. Vaccines are safe."


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