It started earlier this week as an on-air joke between our producer, Rueben, and me. He told a story about how, when he's on the way to work at 4:30 in the morning, all the lights on Bert Kouns seem to change to red just as he's approaching. He also noticed - as his tale of paranoia started to grow - that there was an SPD cruiser parked in the same spot on BK every morning. So, what else was he to assume? Obviously, he concluded, Shreveport Police Officers are equipped with remote control device with which they can change streetlights at will, trapping unsuspecting motorists.

Well, as totally ludicrous as that may sound, not only numerous listeners, but KEEL's Erin McCarty leaped to Rueben's defense, some even claiming that they had seen those secret devices themselves.

But for as many who sided with Rueben's Garrison-esque delusion, there were those - mostly SPD officers themselves - who found the entire tale less than legit.

A sample from KEEL's Shreveport Security Systems Text Line:

"We can't fix out toilets or drive functioning cars! What makes you think we have that technology?"

And another:

I've been an SPD officer for more than two decades. The city can barely afford tires. re you kidding me?

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