101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Stephen Parr, co-host of American Ground Radio, talk about America's increasing political polarization and what kind of leader could bring the country together, working together for common goals.

Can those on the political right and left, with visions of America is so different, ever put aside their differences and unite? Could a Republican President ever persuade Democrats, who seem unbending in their view of country with an no borders and an ever expanding government, to go along with his / her ideas for limited immigration and free market economic solutions? And would the mainstream media, seemingly so intent on the personal and political destruction of any GOP office holder, set aside their animus for a rational debate on the issues. And would those on the right be any more pliable? RJW says chances of compromise are slim. Parr proffers that a Reaganesque figure could lift the nation above the seemingly unending political rancor.

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