Louis R. Avallone, Chairman of the Caddo Parish Republican Party, talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about the endorsement of mayoral candidate Lee O. Savage by former Shreveport Police Detective and fellow Republican Rod Demery.

Avallone, who co-hosts American Ground Radio on KEEL, explains why the nod to Savage by Demery, an African-American, may portend a "a huge step forward for Shreveport." Avallone continues, "I think it gives credence to the feeling that everyone has in their gut that Shreveport may, in fact, be ready for a cataclysmic shift in leadership. It speaks to the fact that the African-American vote in Shreveport is as diverse as any other demographic despite the conventional wisdom that it is very monolithic." Avallone adds that the endorsement of Savage by Demery "will have a significant effect" in the African-American community.

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