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In case you've been out of town for the last several months, you're probably aware that the Caddo Parish Sheriff's race ended last Saturday in as close as you can come to a dead-heat.  Democrat candidate Henry Whitehorn emerged victorious by one vote over Republican candidate John Nickelson.  One vote.

43,241 votes were cast for Sheriff in Saturday's election.  Whitehorn received 21,621 to Nickelson's 21,620.  One vote.   Still think "your vote doesn't matter?"  I would bet one candidate would beg to differ.

Nickelson filed for a recount on Tuesday following the election, but with Thanksgiving being the actual 5th day, the recount was held today.  The results of the recount did not change the outcome of the election.  Even though both candidate each picked up 3 votes, Whitehorn still emerges as the next Sheriff of Caddo Parish.... by one vote.

The recount process involved the 7,000 mail-in ballots, which were all rescanned through an optical scanner.

In a related story, the Caddo Parish Tax Assessor's race was also a closely contested race.  Democrat candidate Regina Webb picked up 6 votes in a recount, while Republican candidate Brett Frasier only gained 2 votes.  Webb remains the winner of that race with the vote count 3,871 to 3,379.

Formal litigation is expected to be filed by Sheriff candidate John Nickelson following Monday's recount.

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