School Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree talks about the high percentage of families that have opted for distance learning as Caddo Parish schools prepare to reopen later this month.

A recently conducted survey of Caddo Parish parents and guardians showed that 51% are opting to keep their youngsters home and participate in the parish's virtual learning program for at least the first 9 weeks.

"A majority of our families are choosing virtual education," Goree says, "We had anticipated that those numbers would be high. so we certainly have been preparing and supporting a successful implementation of virtual learning."

Goree adds that of about 38,000 families with children in Caddo schools, 29,000 responded to the questionnaire.

The Superintendent also talks about the improvements made in distance learning since last spring. "One thing we've done that we're really excited about is a new learning management system. Teachers will be designing lessons directly into this platform this year, which will make it very easy for students in the classroom, as well as those at home to access and manage their work."

And what about the possibility of a COVID 19 outbreak at one or more of the schools? "If you look at our's not as simple as saying if one child or teacher is exposed we'll close. There are exposure guidelines to determine who are the people that are in close enough proximity to have to be quarantined. But for the entire system to be closed, it would probably mean that the Governor would change our phases."


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