The legal fight over extra pay in Caddo Parish is just now heating up, but the lawsuit might put a damper on getting the supplemental money to educators.

Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree sent a memo out to all educators keeping them up to date on the plan for the $1,000 dollar heroes pay which was to be sent out to nearly all employees in June.

Unfortunately, today I must sadly inform all employees that we must hold off on moving forward with the $1,000 Heroes Supplement for any employee. In the lawsuit filed Monday by Red River United, the organization requested an injunction on allowing the supplement to move forward. This will mean the district will not be able to provide any of these funds to our employees until the case moves through the court system.

The teachers union objects to some employees being left out. The group filed suit with hopes of getting the board to approve the supplemental pay for all workers.

Dr. Goree added: "It is unknown at this time how long that process will take. Please know we will exhaust all legal means to address this situation as quickly as possible."


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